I have been traveling for many years to various regions of the world and I have always been greeted with an overwhelming sense of community and family. The colors, cultures and people's passion for life has kept me returning overseas and have driven me to combine my two loves of travel and design. The creativity of the local artisans has always been a point of inspiration for me. In every country, I have been to I have always made a point to look for local crafts and designs. All of the kindness and friendship I have received makes me believe in being as helpful to them as they have been to me.
I believe that buyers have a choice when it comes to purchasing products for their store; either they can buy products that are made in an unethical manner, or they can choose to seek out talented individuals and make sure they receive a fair wage for their work. Everything from buying the silk for my "Thai silk line" from the home of a Thai family to finding my lovely tailor and friend "Ead" has enabled me to support small businesses and ethical production. These important steps help to ensure items brought to the market are one of a kind and are of a more personal nature. 
Sara Patterson
Creative Director & Owner of Migration


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